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AOMicro's technology focus lies at the intersection of micromechanical and photonic structures. This unique combination of disciplines enables the incorporation of novel functionality in devices applicable to communications, sensing, and defense. Examples of past efforts highlighted below represent the core competence of AOMicro (a detailed publication list may be found here). These prototype devices include compact fast scanning tunable laser arrays (aimed at gas sensing and optical coherence tomography), amplifying tunable filters for fiber-based telecommunications, and hybrid micromachined optical-fiber-based physical sensors. From initial concept to final packaged die, AOMicro provides clients with a full spectrum of support.

Wavelength-Agile Laser Arrays

Integrating a suspended Bragg mirror with a vertical-cavity laser allows for wide and rapid wavelength tuning in a compact and low power source. These devices demonstrate MEMS-based emission tuning at a record short operating wavelength and utilize an innovative surface-micromachining process flow.

Original publication in Optics Express
As featured in Nature Photonics
Invited Lecture, Walter Schottky Institute, TU Munich

Tunable Optical Amplifiers

The presentation above provides an in-depth description of MEMS in III-V materials and features a cutting-edge resonant optical amplifier with a single-crystal GaAs actuator for cavity tuning. Operating at the telecom relevant wavelength range near 1550 nm, these amplifiers provide ~10 dB of fiber-to-fiber gain over a span exceeding 20 nm.

Original publication in Photonics Tech. Letters
As featured in MIT Technology Review

Silicon-Based Optical MEMS

The workhorse of the integrated circuit and commercial MEMS industry, silicon is the ubiquotous materials choice for microfabricated electronic, optical, and mechanical systems. AOMicro provides expertise in the design and fabrication of bulk-micromachined optical MEMS, with experience in analog micromirrors and hybrid Si-fiber sensors.

Hybrid Silicon/Fiber Devices (IEEE Sensors)
Images of Multilevel Comb Drive Actuators

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